Hamilton Belk.Pedal Steel.Overdubs.Recor

In the last several years I have had the opportunity to overdub parts on over 60 albums, EPs, and singles for artists, bands, and producers all over the world. I can record parts on pedal steel, bass, banjo, guitar, and other noise makers.


I will play any genre, and I love experimenting. There's no hard and fast rule, but I typically ask for $60 to $100 per song, depending on the specifics. Please get in touch if you'd like me to be involved in your project.

"The pedal steel parts from Hamilton Belk really blew my mind and just added so much to the songs" - Peter Broderick (IR)

"Hamilton possesses all my favorite qualities in a musician and collaborator: an impressive mix of technical prowess, a natural intuition, a willingness to approach arrangements from various angles, and a nuanced attention to the material and how his contributions can best serve it, solid reliability and generosity... It's an absolute delight working with him! His playing is expressive yet full of subtlety and restraint; he gave such evocative and ethereal new layers to my music, for which I'm incredibly grateful." -Benedict Kupstas / Field Guides (US)

Hamilton is a world class pedal steel player and played a perfect part on my track. He has great technique and sound and amazing feel. I can't wait to find the opportunity to work with Hamilton again. - Izhar Ashdot (IS)

Discovering Hamilton is the best thing happened to my song!!!! Class AAA musician!! He understands perfectly every detail I asked for and the communication was perfect. Also, the sound is glorious! - Lucas Piedra Cueva (ES)

Photo: George L Blosser