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banjo player


My name is Hamilton Belk, and I've been playing banjo since I was a kid. I record banjo overdubs from my studio for artists and bands all over the world. I play a decent clawhammer in addition to 3 finger, Scruggs style picking. 

My overdub rate is $150 per song (incl. revisions), and I enjoy contributing banjo sounds to ANY genre. I've broken up my work samples into a few different tracks so you can get a sense of my playing. "Fast-picking" has the more uptempo, raucous sounds. "Americana" has samples with a more folky angle, slower tempos, at times more textural. "Alternative" is everything else from hip hop to EDM to prog rock.

Hopefully you'll hear something that resonates with your project. If not, drop me a line, and I should be able find a sample that does.

"As per usual, Hamilton smashed it out the park first time. He met my expectations and exceeded them. He's a brilliant musician and communicator. I used him for banjo last year and had no hesitation in return this year. In fact, it's a privilege to have him appear on my music." (Stuart D)



DECIDING WHAT TO PLAY: First I will take a listen to any song references you provide so I can listen to your recording with the right styles in mind. Then I'll listen to the song from start to finish to take in the lyrics, the energy, and the overall arc of the arrangement. This helps me figure out where to focus on supportive parts and where the banjo can play fills or step into the foreground. One technique that's really fun is to try and incorporate aspects of the vocal melody or other song features into choice passages. I'll look for opportunities like that and other ways to really make the banjo support the song, even if they're nuances or "ear candy" that might be felt more than heard. Other times, the banjo has a very clear and singular role, and that's fine too. It's all about elevating the emotional tone as best as I can. I consider all of these parameters as I record the first draft. If I nail it, great! If not, we can work together on honing it in until it's perfect.

SIGNAL CHAIN: GoldTone Orange Blossom 250 Banjo > Royer 121 or Rode NT5 > Neve 511 Portico Preamp > Apollo x8p > Pro Tools 12. 

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