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My name is Hamilton Belk, and I record overdubs on Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro, Bass, Guitar, and Lap Steel. I'm a session musician with a knack for finding the best way to serve the song. People often say I'm friendly, committed, and easy to work with. Some of my clients have been nominated for Grammys. Others are just getting started on their first recordings. Wherever you're at, I'm here to help however I can. 

I record in my studio with nice instruments and professional gear. You can place an order or hit me up via the buttons below, or scroll down for samples and more information about how I work. Rate is $150 per overdub (incl. revisions)

"Discovering Hamilton is the best thing that happened to my song!!!! Class AAA musician!! He understands perfectly every detail I asked for and the communication was perfect. Also, the sound is glorious! Thanks, Hamilton!" (Lucas P)

Pedal Steel Guitar


bass overdubs








lap steel



Whether it’s finding that perfect, singable melody, creating unique ambiences and textures, or ripping a solo, my greatest joy is to serve the song. As a session musician, I've performed on hundreds of recordings including overdubs for multi-platinum and grammy nominated songwriters and arrangers.


I offer professional pedal steel, banjo, dobro, guitar, bass, and lap steel overdubs for songs of any genre recorded with expert attention to the arrangement and production. I thoroughly dig playing typical styles and can do so with a deft hand, and I love developing lustrous melodies with subtleties and nuance, catchy hooks, or lush beds of harmony for americana, country, indie, folk, jazz, rap, noise, pop and more. I also love to experiment with new sounds. I've maintained a 5 star average rating from hundreds of clients across multiple platforms.


I have worked on songs produced by:

Thomas Bartlett (Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, Sufjan Stevens)

Jeffery David (Echosmith, Goo Goo Dolls, For King and Country)

Alasdair Roberts (David Byrne, Bonnie Prince Billie, Songs: Ohia)

Daniel Majic (Flo Rida, One Republic, Kevin Gates, Jimmie Allen)

Scotty Wilbanks (Luke Bryan, Third Day)

Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, The Kills, Pete Yorn)

Peter Broderick (She&Him, Sharon Van Etten)

D James Goodwin (Bonny Light Horseman, Kevin Morby, Bob Weir)

Rich Veltrop (Tom Petty, Taj Mahal, Rage Against the Machine, Macy Gray)

Jonathan Wymann (The Pretty Reckless, King Kyote)

Ben Charles (Disney, Universal)

Charles Harnach (Blind Boys of Alabama, Col Bruce Hampton)


Here are some samples of overdubs I've done. I did my best to include a variety of genres and playing styles in each "reel". If you don't hear quite what you're looking for, check out the individual instrument pages above or shoot me a message.



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Chat With Me


I Deliver Tracks

  • Upload WAV or MP3 of rough mix

  • Select instrument(s) you'd like  me to play

  • Submit song references, stylistic reference, instructions

  • Submit technical recording parameters.

  • Book a slot on my calendar

  • Submit payment (rates are $100 per instrument)

  • I'll send the first delivery with the overdubs mixed in with the rough mix for easy referencing.

  • We can revise the parts as much or as little as needed.

  • Once you're satisfied, I'll deliver stems

  • I can deliver tracks dry, and/or wet

  • I can print reverb, delay etc. to 100% wet, stereo sends to give you blending options in your mix

  • I'm happy to discuss your project at length via email or phone call before I get started

  • I'm also happy to just get to work on the first draft if you want me to just do my thing


"Second time working with Hamilton and he is just incredibly talented. On the first song I did with Hamilton he played a very traditional country pedal steel part -- perfect for the song. On this second song, a much more modern pop/country track, Hamilton played pedal steel, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, and all the parts were awesome with tons of vibe. Truly a pleasure to work with. " (Ben C)

"Hamilton possesses in spades all my favorite qualities in a musician and collaborator: technical prowess, impeccable instincts, a willingness to approach arrangements from various angles, a generous spirit... It's an absolute delight working with him. His playing is expressive yet full of nuance and restraint; he gave such evocative and ethereal new layers to my music." (Ben K)

"[Hamilton Belk] is a great communicator and would always message me back and deliver orders far before they were due in. I have also never worked with someone as gifted as Hamilton is -  the guy can really play! Absolute pleasure!" (Joe W)

"Awesome experience! Very pro and efficient and slick! Radio ear and great energy! I will be back" (Ryan M)

"Hamilton killed it! Super quick delivery and excellent communication. I will definitely buy from him for my next project." (Rachel  R)

"Fast turnaround, fantastic performance and great quality recordings. This is what I've come to expect from Hamilton and delivers on all 3 counts...every time!" (David G)

"The parts Hamilton recorded came out great and really elevate what I was working on - restraint when necessary, tasteful accompaniment, etc. It's key to note as well that he got my feedback about the direction he was taking during the process (and not just at the start!), and clearly takes pride in taking the time necessary to deliver a good recording. Also a top notch communicator: no missed details in things I said, no misunderstandings between us, stayed in regular contact with regular updates, and fully respected the gig with nothing but positivity (committed to timelines and I would have felt very comfortable asking for additional changes that I needed, for example). Thank you sir" (Nick P)

"I can't say enough good things about working with Hamilton - an incredibly talented player and a clear communicator. The parts he wrote for my song are absolutely beautiful. I will be working with him again in the near future!" (NorthMAudio)

"As usual, Hamilton quickly delivered professional quality, extremely well-played parts with a deep sensitivity to the material. Exactly what I asked for, better than I could have expected. Highest recommendation." (Eli D)

"First time I have tried adding part to my music in this manor. What a great experience. Hamilton is an accomplished musician and very easy to work with." (Kim S)

"Hamilton's a great listener and will add tasty depth and richness to your track -- a veritable 11 out of 10. Win win!" (Ryan S)


What are Sample Rate and Bit Depth and why do they matter? Sample rate and bit depth are the parameters used to describe the resolution of a digital recording, kind of like pixels for a digital image. A higher sample rate and bit depth will yield a more accurate representation of the analog signal in the analog to digital recording. However, bigger isn't necessarily better. In many situations, the perceived gains in fidelity aren't worth the extra disk space, once you get to a certain point. It is best practice to record all of a song's tracks at the same resolution. For example if you are recording at 24 bits / 48 kHz at home, then I will match that resolution with my overdub recordings. For a deeper dive on the topic click here.

What is the difference between pedal steel, lap steel, slide guitar, and dobro? text.

Do you prefer pedal steel or lap steel? It depends on the context.

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