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Pedal Steel Guitar
Pedal Steel Guitar
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"Hamilton is brilliant!!! Really the pedal steel left me speechless. The turn around was so fast, communication excellent and the quality AMAZING!!! Thank you for taking my song to a new height." (Mark B)

"Hamilton is phenomenal; super professional, extremely quick, kind, and so wonderfully musical." (Mrangan34)

"Super fast, effective and communicative - It was a pleasure to hire Hamilton to play on my track and it gave my song the little extra it lacked." (Mathijazz)


"Hamilton quickly turned around a great part. Fit the song perfectly just as we had discussed. It isn't the first time I am working with Hamilton and it wont be the last! Thanks!!" (Mark J dau)


"Hamilton took my songs to the next level with his tasteful, skilled playing and production. He was flexible and easy to work with, had excellent communication and delivered my project files in a timely manner. The quality of his playing and production are peerless. I would recommend Hamilton to anyone who is looking for an intuitive pedal steel player that can play many styles and deliver tracks that complete your song and make it into the best version of itself." (r8rwest)


"This is my second time having him play pedal steel on a tune and just like the first time he delivered quickly and played exactly what I was hearing in my head. His ear for music and the tones that he delivers are super professional. Definitely looking forward to using him again."


"Hamilton made our song sound 100 times more beautiful. Great ear for balancing restraint with creativity. Highly recommended and will definitely use him again.

Hamilton is amazing. Super easy to communicate with him and a fantastic player. Will absolutely be back!" (zksobel)


"When I saw all the project Hamilton Belk was involve in, I was impressed, but it's definitely when I heard his tracks that I was amazed! I'm excited about the pedal steel guitar track he sent me, a fantastic work!" (curtis krumm)


"Hamilton took the time to assess my needs thoroughly beforehand. He then delivered high quality tracks for my project, hitting the target right in the middle. His approach is very professional, honest and friendly." (Francois Vachon)


"Fantastic player! Great communication! More than happy to work with you until you Love it. I will definitely be coming back in the future. Highly recommend!" (whatisyouth)


"Really great working with Hamilton. A true professional and exactly caught the vibe I had in mind, even better. Would come back for more!" (Nicolaas Kaller)


"beautiful playing!!! recommand to anyone that needs professional pedalsteel tracks!!" (goroplayground)


"Great communication! Final product exceeded expectations and added an amazing new level to the song." (craven2112)


"Hamilton is a brilliant pedal steel player. I'm really glad that I chose Hamilton to add to my track. His communication was brilliant and he got to the task in hand straight away. I would definitely recommend this service and I'd definitely use it again myself. To add to that, Hamilton has great gear at his disposal and the add-ons are well worth considering." (stuart denny)


"This guy is absolutely stellar. He truly transformed my track and was also incredibly personable through the entire process. I'll be working with him again for sure." (mtphi11i)


"Truly a world class musician. Nailed it on the first take but was nice enough to indulge a couple of extra attempts that I wanted to hear. The quality of the tracks that he sent is superb as well. Super fast communication and turnaround helped me keep chugging ahead on my project without having to wait. I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future." (austin miller)


"This guy is a pro in all the best senses of the word - great playing, pro recording equipment and sounds, and he knows his genres. He was very sensitive to my requests and what I was asking for and delivered it lightning fast. I'll definitely hit him up for more steel guitar in the future." (century house dw)


"Beyond a speedy delivery, incredible job, and amazing sound quality. This is THE guy to hire!" (robby bloodshed)


"Hamilton did a seriously killer job on my tune. World class player right here. Amazing feel and tone, deep in the pocket, recorded beautifully through really nice gear and most importantly he served the song. Thanks man, I'll be back.." (Tom Francis)


"Hamilton did an amazing job! Fantastic player, very intuitive, gave me a lot of different options to work with and they all sounded great. Will definitely be sending more music his way and highly recommend him to anyone in need of pedal steel recording." (Spencer Raskin)


"Hamilton helped bring my song to life, and take it to a new level. Truly a polished musician, but also very creative at bring nuances and new flavors in to the mix. Very easy to work with, and it was clear to me that his main objective was to help me make a better song. No doubt I will use him again." (ssagtex)


"Mr. Hamilton Belk delivered the perfect track for my song in just a few days, he was easy to communicate with and understood perfectly what I needed from him. I would use and recommend him for any future pedal steel needs." (nikola 6994)


"Fast, professional, put the necessary amount of emotion into the performance to make that pedal steel really moan! Will 100% be coming back to this man"(Luis Navidad)


"Beautifully played, lush sounding pedal steel. Brilliant communication and nailed it on first go, taking note of the reference track we suggested. His knowledge of the instrument and also the effects that work well with it gives me loads of options. Really happy with it, pleasure to work with him." (Kiopo123)


"Absolute professionalism in every aspect. I have found me session steel player for sure. His touch and ear are both the quality you’d expect from an A list sessions player." (Jake Cox)


"If you want world class pedal steel tracks that are thoughtfully composed and masterfully executed, hire Hamilton to play on your song. This is my 2nd time working with him and it's been an absolute pleasure, thanks Hamilton!" (Luke D Smith)


"Hamilton offered as many revisions as needed ( he nailed it first time by the way :) ) and communicated throughout the project. He offered suggestions and was a pleasure to work with. His pedal steel work is beautiful. Highly recommended, an absolute pro to work with. 10/10" (Galaxian Patrol)


"Hamilton is an incredible player. Real feel for the music and a delight to deal with. Absolutely effortless! 100% Recommendation!" (Okinawedding)


"Polite, kind and very thorough. Great musicianship, too!" (brad kavanaugh)


"Hamilton is a great musician and composer, love what he's added to these songs!" (chband)


"outstanding musician with feeling for what is needed! perfect - next order is on the way ;)" (stxmusic)


​​"Brilliant playing, super professional and all around awesome dude. Will definitely want to work w/ Hamilton again in the future!" (foodeater)


"Amazing, amazing, AMAZING ... I'm looking forward to another project that I can use him." (brandon vaugn)


"Amazing talent and a great joy to work with!" (brandon vaugn)


"Hamilton has played on a few of my projects now. He's always conscientious, delivers when he says he will and always sounds first class!" (dezzy g)


"Wow, fantastic communication and very fast delivery! 100% pleased with what I got. I will always use hamiltonbelk for all my steel guitar needs!" (mark vega)


"Hamilton is the best of the best! He will always be my go to!"(taylor rig)

"Outstanding, marvellous, magnificent!" (Curtis K)


"It was great working with Hamilton again, absolutely beautiful pedal steel lines and he is really easy to communicate ideas with. Will definitely be using him again in the future!" (Celia M)


"Hamilton was helpful, professional, and very fast. Couldn’t have asked for better quality from an excellent player!" (Caleb S)

"Hamilton is a world class pedal steel player and played a perfect part on my track. He has great technique and sound and amazing feel. His first take was perfect but he was open to my comments and delivered a killer second take which was all I needed. I can't wait to find the opportunity to work with Hamilton again." (Izhar A) 

"Always a pleasure working with Hamilton. I’ve done several tracks with him and he always delivers quality material, and he’s super friendly and easy to work with. I look forward to working with him many more times in the future."(JJ B)


"Very easy to work with, the whole experience was a pleasure. Hamilton was also very friendly, communicative, and is a top notch pedal steel player, would recommend to anyone!" (Luke S)


"5 stars just ain't enough to rate this guy! Amazing!!!" (Paul T)

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