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Pedal Steel Guitar
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My name is Hamilton Belk, and I'm a session musician. I record resonator / dobro overdubs from my studio for bands and artists all over the world. I got into dobro after years of playing other folk instruments. I love it's warm, emotive timbre and how it sings! 

I do overdubs for $150 per song (incl. revisions), and I will play ANY genre. I divided my samples up into a few genres. "Nashville" contains more pop and radio oriented productions. "Americana 1 & 2" is a smattering of folk and acoustic music.

Hopefully you'll hear something that resonates with your project. If not, drop me a line, and I should be able find a sample that does.



DECIDING WHAT TO PLAY: First I'll take a listen to any reference songs and/or specific instructions you have. This will ensure that I have a target vibe in mind when I'm having my first listen to your production. I'll listen from start to finish to take in the lyrics, the tone, and the energetic arc of the arrangement. This will help me decide where to focus on more supportive material and where the dobro can be more prominent. Sometimes a few choice, affectional slides peppered throughout the track are all that's needed. Other productions might be looking for a dobro hook. I'll do my best to write and play parts that elevate the emotional tone of the song. If I nail it on my first draft, great! If not, we can work together on honing it in until it's perfect.

Once I get the green light on the track, I'll send dry amp and DI signals, as well as any effects prints you'd like for your mix. I can tailor the delivery to meet your technical needs.

SIGNAL CHAIN: Here is my typical signal chain for recording dobro. GoldTone Paul Beard MasterTone (this is solid Mahogany Resonator Dobro. It sounds insanely good) Royer 121 Ribbon Mic and/or Rode NT5 Condensor Mic Neve 511 Portico Preamp Warm Audio EPQ (a pultec style EQ I usually use in bypass mode for the extra tubes)> Apollo x8p interface Pro Tools 12. My go to plugins I use for reverb and delay are SoundToys Little Plate or Valhalla Vintage Verb and Echo Boy. I have an extensive collection of plugins for post signal processing. 

"Amazing dobro player. Great arrangements, too. Highly recommended!" (Stefan W)

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